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Can't Wait For The Slapstick Comedy of GSIP

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Goldman Sachs's FLAGSHIP fund--i.e. the central showcase for the unbridled abnormal genius that is Goldman Sachs Asset Management-- Global Alpha, lost more money last year than almost any other major hedge fund, according to Financial News. Maybe it's a sign that I need to leave my job (or just get out more), but the fact that this highly prestigious investment bank has in its possession a hedge fund as shitty as GA, which started 2007 with $10 billion and posted a loss of 39 percent is endlessly amusing to me. ThinkEquity Global Alpha down almost 40%? Not that funny. Goldman Global Alpha down almost 40%? Hysterical. But then again, these are the same jokesters who brought you Global Equity Partners (worst performing global equity manager in the third quarter of last year, down 2.8 percent; not sure how badly they lost it in Q4, perhaps you do) and Global Equity Opportunities (don't make me look it up), so hilarity was bound to ensue.
Anyway. I think we all know what time it is:

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