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Charlie Gasparino's Advice: "Kill The Mook"

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Mary in Indianapolis is a fifty year old single mother dealing with a deadbeat ex-husband who doesn’t pay child support and whose “financial incompetence” is about to drive their home into maybe forclosure*, which Mary is paying for because her name is on the mortgage, even though she’s living elsewhere and he’s shacked up with some floosie. Here’s the thing , and the thing’s two-fold. 1. I shouldn’t be laughing at this because this woman’s obviously going through a difficult time in her life, and, to be honest, there’s something oddly endearing about Dave of “The Dave Ramsey Show,” perhaps the soothingness of his voice, or the way he refers to himself as Mary’s “financial advisor” and to her as his “little sister” but 2. Angelo R. Mozilo woman! Are you seriously calling Fox Business for help here? Why don’t you just ask Jesus what he thinks you should do? He’s always been good with this kind of stuff. Or better yet, give Lon Varney a call. He’s not in the office right now, but try him on his cell:203-890-2000. I’m sure he’ll be able to get you out of this pickle.
*She thinks, she's not sure.