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Coming Soon: Goldman Sachs Stadium?

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Unfortunately for the Yankees' obsessed boys at 85 Broad, it does not look like the Bronx Bombers will be playing in the “Goldman Sachs Stadium” anytime soon
Sorry to inform our loyal Goldman Sachs readers, but despite the impending opening of a new stadium for our beloved Yankees, the Yankee’s chief operating officer, Lonn Trost, is quoted as saying that the team “[will not] change the name of Yankee Stadium.” Perhaps George Steinbrenner, in his dementia-like state, failed to realize that Citi Group paid $800 million for the naming rights of the Mets Stadium. A price tag like that would certainly come in handy when in 2007 you pay Roger Clemens $1 million per game.
The naming rights, however, for the new Giants/Jets stadium is up for sale. The privilege for the naming of the stadium could easily top $1 billion. A mere drop in the bucket for Goldman. My intuition senses “Goldman Sachs Football Stadium”?
--Davey Bachs, DealBreaker Intern
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