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David Rubenstein's Speech At Wharton Conference Rudely Interrupted By Protesters, Fuzz Summoned, Kravis's Documentary Filmmakers Bitter About Not Having Been Cuffed At Own Protest/Screening

Just in from our Wharton Conference Correspondent:

The event has been taken over by protesters. For real. The police are coming. They are protesting the speaker from Carlyle Group - Its amazing really - The room is out of control...becoming violent. Wharton staff not prepared for the demonstration. Literally just watching them take over the room .... Rubinstein is speechless and standing there alone on the stage facing it ..... Carlyle bought manor care a few weeks ago and layoffs are coming. Its like - France. Pushing, shoving, punching - everywhere. No sign of Bowie still. Rubenstein just told a protester on a bullhorn to "take a remedial course in English before you go any further."