Donald Trump Loves To Send People's Parents On Trips, So This Could Work


Yesterday’s Post blew the lid off of Wall Street’s best kept secret: CNBC anchor Erin Burnett’s feelings for Donald Trump. Though, by all accounts, Erin was initially aroused by The Don during his first go at bankruptcy (which showed his vulnerable side) many, many moons ago, she kept her enrapturement under wraps, for fear of being FIRED (count it) for some time. No longer. In the inaugural issue of Trump Magazine, Burnett apparently pens a love letter to the name on the marquee that borders on erotic. Speaking seriously for a sec, we don’t really see what the big D is here. Trump's unforgettable. He's magnetic and supremely confident. Above all, he’s an indefatigable worker - as a real-estate titan, entrepreneur and entertainer. Who wouldn't want a piece of that? You want to blow the lid off some loves that dare not speak their name? How about: Charlie Gasparino's love of deli meat (too late); Maria Bartiromo's love of Dick; Cody Willard's love of hot sluts with business acumen. Those are some secret loves worth revealing.
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