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Erin Burnett Is Not Dead Yet

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When Erin Burnett failed to appear on Squawk on the Street this morning and also missed Street Signs, tongues began wagging. Had the reports that the brass at CNBC were miffed at her Men’s Health article taken it’s toll on the Street Sweetie? There was speculation that she may have gone into hiding to avoid the bad publicity. Others thought she may have been asked to take a leave of absence by her bosses at the network. And at least one bunker full of writers in Soho began wondering if she was hunting down Bess Levin, who first brought attention to the Men’s Health article.
We can report that a well-placed source informs us that none of these guesses are correct. According to our spy, Burnett requested to take today off as far back as six weeks ago. Today’s absence is unrelated to the recent Men’s Health brouhaha. Which is totally disappointing and non-scandalous.