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How Many Billions Will Citigroup Writedown Next? The Only Consensus Is That It’s In The Billions (And Coming In At The 11th Hour To Screw Us Over Is A Newly Reformed Twerp At Deutsche Bank—Mike Mayo—,Saying Millions, So Scratch That)

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For now, however, I’m going to ignore what is obviously the result of Vikram Pandit paying a house call to the Mayo residence over the holiday and focus on the billions. Last week Goldman Sachs analyst William Tanona said $18.7 billion, the other day Sanford Bernstein’s Howard Mason wrote $12 billion. Meredith Whitney is rumored to be working on a report that pegs it at more like $35 billion, but who really knows. This is all just hearsay and speculation. And I’ll just leave it at that (if you have anything to add, by all means, go ahead). As an aside, I went with the 8830. I’m happy with it so far, mostly because it’s really brought my otherwise dormant asshole tendencies to light (for instance, the tongue lashing I gave a friend yesterday for interrupting me during a game of BB when I only had one life left and before I could pause the thing). I’ll elaborate more on that later.
Citigroup may write down $12 billion [Reuters]