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I Really Don't Understand Why People Would Watch CNBC WhenThere's Programming Like This Available

The other day I was on the treadmill at the company gym, blasting the Eddie Money/Outfield/Police, audibly singing along and air-guitaring for several miles and making a conscious effort to not abide by the "30 minute time limit on cardio equipment during peak hours" rule. I was so into my own world that I couldn't even concentrate on the content pouring out of the flatscreen attached to the machine. Right at the peak moment of my discomfort, when vomit exited my mouth, one of the DealBreaker investors walked by. I might have gotten some on his shoes. Only when I was cleaning up (after maybe making him uncomfortable by stressing how good he looked in spandex and shaking his hand with the one I'd just used to wipe the sweat off my forehead), did I notice what the flat panel had been playing. This Fox Business piece on etiquette in the "business gym."

Helpful! I do take issue with the rule that you have to wear a shirt over your sports bra but whatevs, even LT had to tone it down on game day (GO GIANTS). As an aside, Carney knows a girl who was asked to stop working out at the Bear Stearns employee gym because her attire was too constricting/distracting (she was also blamed for the three failed hedge funds).
What sort of moronic stuff do you do while sweating with your colleagues? It's share-time.