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I'm Asking You For A Favor

Many of you may have been wondering if the much discussed onshore meeting between DealBreaker readers '1-2' and 'girl' will actually come to pass. I seem to remember telling you it would so I'm not actually sure why you would have any doubt in your mind, but for the record, the date will be going down (if all goes well). Due to scheduling conflicts ('1-2' is leaving for the X-games Friday, 'girl' is judging a wet Villebrequin contest of the Top 30 Traders under 30 for the rest of the week), you're going to have to wait approximately ten days to hear about it. But now that we have the luxury of time, there's something important I need to discuss with you so we can all-- '1-2,' 'girl,' me, DB readers-- make this the best date possible. I was trying to come up with an appropriate venue at which to chaperone the event when it hit me-- just get a hotel room. This was a great idea on my part, for several reasons. 1. I'm amused by the idea of answering the door and saying "Welcome to your date." 2. Don't have to worry about the bar being too loud, and my taperecorder not picking up all the hilarious nuances that are sure to transpire. 3. There's a TV, in case no one has anything to say to each other. 4. Room to stretch out. 5. If things go well, oh, hey, we're in a hotel room 6. If things don't go well, '1-2' and 'girl' can go their separate ways and I'll get to stay in a hotel room for a night, which is always fun (like a little vacation, yes?).
I brought this great idea up to our publisher. He didn't go for it, and gave me a bunch of reasons why not which I wasn't listening to because I was so blind with rage (he was signing them to me). So what I'm asking you guys to do is take sides. Do you side with killjoy publisher, who says ixnay on the otel room-hay, or with me, who says, yes, let us get that hotel room? And if you do think I'm right, would you be willing to contribute whatever you think would be a reasonable donation to a little thing I like to call The Hotel Room Fund, in exchange for my (fingers crossed) hilarious write up of the night? If enough people get the answer right, I think we should at least be able to do this at the W. If for some reason I can't even fathom, you think I'm wrong, feel free to leave your suggestions for an alternative venue below.


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Hi, I'm Thad The Intern

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