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Immaculate Collection Of Garbage

Great news for the ninety three percent of DealBreaker readers who call themselves “serious” Madonna fans, publically or privately (don’t be ashamed of your shame, Carney’s also in the closet about this). You can now give U.K.-based Marquee Capital at least $19,000 for a minimum of ten years and hope that the Madonna memorabilia they’ve been quietly amassing to create “the world’s largest collection” of Madge crap, including outfits she’s worn and a signed American Express card, are flipped for mucho dinero. The firm’s CEO, Chetan Trivedi, says potential investors should get in now, before Madonna’s 50th birthday, when things like an empty water bottle fished out of the singer’s trash can will go for maybe twice the price of what it cost them to buy the bottle from the bum who dug it out in the first place, and triple what Madge paid for it originally. Marquee will also be selling items that previously belonged to Michael Jackson (his kiddie porn collection) and Elton John (same). Back to the scat play.
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