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It’s Going To Take Money, A Whole Lotta Spending MoneyErin Burnett ‘Buy Me This' Scandal Hits Page Six Again!

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Yesterday we started to hear whispers from inside the CNBC Global Headquarters that people were walking around whispering “snatch” and snickering. This morning the story is all over Page Six: Erin Burnett is under-fire at CNBC for admitting that she likes nice things, fancy trips and men who spend money on her. It’s one of those things that everyone knows is true about many women but you’re not supposed to say. Not even if you are one of those women.
But we’re not sure we follow the logic about what makes this a scandal. Page Six says that the “bosses” at America’s Business Networked are “worried it could hurt her and the station's serious news image.” But shouldn’t telling the truth, regardless of how personally unflattering and politically incorrect it might be, help the station’s “serious news image”? Or does “serious news” status include being polite enough not to notice what George Harrison sang years ago? If you want to impress Erin, it’s going to take plenty of money to do it right, child.
If there’s a scandal here it may be that the “street sweetie” and whoever at the network approved the article for Men’s Health—CNBC keeps tight control over the way its anchor’s present themselves to the public—had no idea how this story would be perceived, or that it would remind people of the gold-digging mentality we saw from the now infamous Craig’s List post.
But don’t worry, Erin. This will pass. It’s just going to take time, it’s going to take patience and time to do it, to do it, to do it, right…
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