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Job Of The Week: CDO Structurer

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Laid off? Worried about getting laid off? Pissed off about your bonus? Don’t crap on the floor. Find a new gig instead. The hardest part is getting started, which is why we spend some time each week searching our extensive Career Center to find you a new job. Tell them to take that job and shove it. You don’t need to work there anymore.
Everyone has been coming down hard on CDOs lately, which is why this week we’ve decided to find you hard working CDO boys and girls a new job. A large European bank located in New York City is looking for a junior CDO Structurer to join their Asset Securitization group. This position will be responsible for structuring new issue CDO’s backed by various asset classes including, ABS, MBS, and other CDO’s. Don’t let them tell you it’s over baby. It has just begun.

There are dozens of new jobs each week in the DealBreaker Career Center. If you’re angry about your bonus or layoffs, it’s probably time you took a look-see.