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Job Of The Week: Get Right With Putin

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Laid off? Worried about getting laid off? Pissed off about your bonus? Well, it’s time to find a new gig. The hardest part is getting started, which is why we spend some time each week searching our extensive Career Center to find you a new job. Tell them to take that job and shove it. You don’t need to work there anymore.
This week's entry comes all the way from Mother Russia. Morgan Stanley's Global Capital Markets group needs a Russian Federation analyst. Pack your bags and get on the plane to Moscow. The group handles a full range of capital raising activities, from executing an IPO, a debt offering to orchestrating a leveraged buyout. They’re looking for a candidate with strong valuation and modelling skills. And, of course, fluency in Russian.
We understand that they are not considering Eugene Plotkin as a possible candidate.
Can’t speak Russian? Check out the Career Center, where there are scores of new jobs posted every day.