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Market Movers: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

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Fox Business's "Happy Hour" had the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders on yesterday as the third installment of a thirty-part series entitled "Hot Bitches For Cody To Make A Fool Of Himself In Front Of" (parts one and two were the strippers and Neil Patrick Harris, respectively; CNBC's Charlie Gasparino is slated for part four). Apparently the girls are partnered with a plumbing company called "Roto-Rooters" which opened the door for Cody to ask "When does the reality show 'Pimp My Toilet' come out?" and the redhead to fake laugh at the joke. The best part of the skit is when Rebecca asks if the cowgirls are getting paid for promoting bathroom fixtures and Polly Pocket responds that while they answer may be "yes," it's honestly just an honor to be able to work with them [the plumbers]. Also up there is blondie's last name-- Swicegood. And when Cody goes, "Okay, I want to talk business with you." And basically just the entire thing. Yeah, I love it all.