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News From Davos: The Seat of Power Spins

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As long time readers of the site know, we've got an unhealthy obsession with the trivial. We write about things like bathroom conditions at Merrill, seating arrangements at SAC Capital, cafeteria sanitation at Bear Stearns. Which is why we're so bored by most of the stories coming from Davos, where all the masters of the universe have been meeting. It's all who said what at the panel on global warming, cooling or seizing? Boring! What do these people eat? Drink? Smoke? Where are the small, telling details about what it's actually like to be at Davos?
Finally, however, Jeff Jarvis has produced the kind of story we can use. After the jump, check out Jarvis' short video of the real seat of power at Davos.

Here it is, the toilet from the Congress Center at Davos.
(Buzz Machine via Gawker)