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Now Stripping For You: Julie Alexandria

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We’ve been big fans of WallStrip. While it’s “Fifty-Two Week High” format is a bit too upbeat for us—we’d prefer to take our daily stock market webcast with 52 week lows instead—it’s off-beat humor, weekly interviews and the sexy intelligence of host Lindsay Campbell kept us watching. News of her moving on sent us into a maudlin drunk for a week.
But now that we’re recovering, we’re starting to appreciate the new hostess, Julie Alexandria. She’s another import from California, a graduate of California State University at Long Beach. She made the move to New York to pursue a career on Broadway. That seems not to have worked out. Despite roles in William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, Marisol, the Diary of Anne Frank, Cowboy Mouth and (a Bess Levin favorite) Piece of Ass, she’s landed herself on the interwebs instead.
Every time anything changes on the internet it upsets us, of course. Everything is always better the way we found it, and it’s damn frustrating that the world can’t stay like that. People leave jobs editing websites, contributors come and go, the Wall Street Journal tries to sneak small changes past us hoping we won’t notice, and sometimes our favorite sites even launch horrific redesigns. We usually curse the gods and swear we’ll never darken the digital doorsteps of the site again.
But Julie is cute, especially when speaking Spanish. And she’s backed up by the same team that had us fall for Lindsay. So we’re going to give her a chance to steal our hearts and bookmarks. And, we do have to say that today’s Brazil based WallStrip helped us recover from the DT’s a bit, so we’re feeling grateful.
Without further delay, here’s the new WallStripper.

At the request of some of our readers, we've moved the video to after the jump. It features two Brazilian girls showing off what they are famous for, and that was a bit too much for some of you reader at your desks.


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