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Seth Tobias's Assistant Needs Our Help

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Earlier today, in the name of justice, gay pimp Billy Ash emailed the latest filings from the Seth Tobias probate case, to a motley crew of recipients that included private investigators, two hedge fund mangers, some fellow pimps, a bunch of Howard Stern show employees and John Carney, Esq. The papers enumerate the occasions on which Filomena abused Seth (one time she struck him so hard that the "force of the slap turned S. Tobias' head and made a loud popping sound," another time she threw a phone at him, and once she kicked a door), as well as one instance in which the tables were turned and Tobias "pulled [Filomena's] pony tail." Mr. Ash also included this impassioned plea:

"I’m trying to keep pressure on the police to move on this bizarre case forward. I need some type of closure. It has been written about in over 5 country’s [sic], over 100 papers and over 500 articles. We need your help to solve this case."

Normally we wouldn't suggest that you involve yourselves in a murder case, but since it's been written about in six countries, we're saying yes, stop what you're doing and help us solve this sordid tale. We've agreed to organize and co-host a trip down to Palm Beach and have already reserved a van. Duty calls and all that. All those interested in volunteering should shoot an e-mail to, or try him on his cell at 203-890-2000.
--Stan O'Neal in New York contributed to this report.
Court filing [PDF]