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Seth Tobias's Murderer Did Not Work Alone

Seth Tobias former personal assistant, Billy Ash, who needs no introduction, has brought what would be a shocking revelation if we weren't talking about the Tobias case to the table that Tobias's widow Filomena served her dearly departed husband his last meal of Ambien-laced pasta. (No word on whether that was a tomato and basil-Ambien or more of a Ambian-Bolognese sauce. Personally, I prefer the Ambien-Vodka pasta sauce. No hangovers. Try it tonight).
Apparently girlfriend had a cohort in her (largely successful) plot to (maybe) kill Mr. T. According to Mr. Ash, Filomena "believed in dark rituals and would put curses on people she didn't like." As such, she spent over $100,000 on a woman named Madam Simbi M'Arue AKA "Mama" (pictured left), who, at Fil's request, "removed evil from [the Tobias] homes and brought more money and sex to Filomena." Ash also claims that the "Mama" was recently paid an additional $18,000 to put a curse on him so he would die before being able to testify against against Mrs. T., which seems less damning that simply evidence that the lady just likes to cover all her bases.
It--the notion that voodoo, and not just a sleep-promoting drug, played a role in putting the hedge fund manager to sleep (forever)--also seems entirely plausible, not that plausibility is a factor here, since Mr. Ash did, afterall, pass a polygraph. On a personal note, I would like to say that I haven't yet reached my breaking point vis-a-vis this modern-day Macbeth and the witch doctors who love them. I'm sure it's coming, but it's not here yet. Nice to know I've retained my youthful enchantment with these freaks, or as I like to call them "our celebrities." How 'bout you?
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