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The Evidence Speaks For Itself (But What Is It Saying?)

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Gay pimp Billy Ash sent us some photographs last night, two for what appear to be the purpose of protecting former boss Seth Tobias's $25 million estate from the talons of his widow Filomena and one for just straight up vanity. Because I'd recently started asking myself whether or not our coverage of this murder case was bordering on disrecpectful, and worried we were blowing our chances of appearing alongside detectives Benson and Stabler in a small screen adaptation of this freakshow, I momentarily considered not posting said pictures.
But then I remembered that Mr. Ash is a former associate of Heidi Fleiss and the first thing Carney ever told me was that he "owes Heidi Fleiss a favor." I'll leave it at that. You'll find the photos after the jump, because our publisher wouldn't allow them on the main page, claiming they would "scare away [his] advertisers." Exhibit A. is apparently the $2,250* bottle of champagne that Filomena sent Bill after her husband's passing with the note, “the scumbag is finally dead.” Exhibit B. is the $15,000* watch B-boy received as a bribe to not testify. Exhibit C. is a photograph of Billy stylin and profilin at the Tiger Cubs' annual GOP fund raiser. Murder trial or not, I think we can all agree he looks criminally hot.
*Ash's estimate.