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The Fresh "Prince of Wall Street"

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So there's this blogger who's been toiling in obscurity until this very moment. We know you've never heard of him so lets take a look-see at the fruits of his digital labor. He came to our attention from his advertisements on facebook.
Frankly this kid is us in a previous life. Three internships in Banking. He incessantly quotes Wall Street (the movie, not the actual street, or people who work in finance), his blog has a random Wall Street quote generator. He's working in Financial Sponsors at a bulge bracket bank, and he's proud of it. With 95.76% certainty we predict he's an incoming analyst (read pre-frosh) at Credit Suisse.
We submit for your consideration "The Prince of Wall Street."
1) He’s has a deep appreciation for the business of finance. "Whenever The Prince hears bloggers or financial "professionals" reading charts and talking about breakouts, support, momentum, resistance, chart patterns, or any number of goofy names for the shapes that charts make he immediately begins to smile.”
2) He's smarter than Steve Feinberg. "Cerberus sure has been busy recently putting out fires on the deals they did when the LBO game was at its peak. Cerberus' troubles are illustrative of the tendency of private equity firms to throw caution to the wind when money was cheap before this summer. Cerberus is getting is now getting its just deserts for the Hubris it and other private equity firms exhibited."
3) He has a keen grasp of the industry. "With 1,400 seats, 2,000 computers and 5,000 monitors, the UBS trading floor is noted by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest single trading floor in the world.” (That would be UBS trading floor in Stamford. We all got this spiel during campus recruiting. Everyone knows UBS has the world’s largest trading floor. Bonus points for not being afraid to be obvious!)
Keep your head down young sprout or you could find yourself blogging full time, ahem.
--Everett Stuckey, DealBreaker adviser to i-bank analysts.