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The Merrill Lynch Earnings Call: Playing Catch-Up

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If you missed the Merrill Lynch earnings call and are frustrated you can't find a transcript yet, we suggest you check out David Gaffen's live blogging the call. David's been doing this for quite sometime and they keep getting better. And, while you're at it, you can read Felix Salmon's summary of the call. Felix says Merrill handled the call just right. The results: "A decidedly modest drop in the share price. Yes, it's down about 2.5% from where it closed on Wednesday, but it's up from where it closed on Tuesday, when the capital infusions were announced. And at $53.70, it's already up more than 10% from its 2008 lows. Well done, that man!"
Already people are saying that Thain has poured a little Goldman magic on Merrill.