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The Revolution WILL Be Televised (But Only In

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According to a big exposé in the Times today, no one is watching Fox Business. Or the number of viewers is so insignificant—on average, 6,300, on any given weekday, compared to CNBC’s 283,000—that they “fall below Nielsen’s minimum standards for reporting” (which, objectively, is pretty bad). The news is said to be embarrassing to 1. The cocky huntsman/FB correspondent who on October 15, announced while standing outside of CNBC that it was “hunting season,” which I took to mean he was going to shoot Charlie Gasparino in the face but never did (interesting that the network brass took the threat so lightly, though). and 2. Fox Business chairman Roger Ailes, who said he would “not settle for ‘anything short of a revolution.’” Anyway I'm not worried. This can only mean one thing: MORE NPH.
Few Viewers for Infancy of Fox Business [NYT]

*So that headline kind of sucks, doesn't it? You don't have to tell me, I already know. I knew it before I even wrote it, though several people have already contacted me via IM and e-mail to make sure I got the memo that it S's major D. Anyway, I'm not saying I had any better ideas, but I did have *other* ideas. Hey. Lightbulb. It's Friday, why don't I tell you what the other ones were and you can vote on which is the least bad. There'll be something in it for you, and that something will be revealed at a later point in time.

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