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There's Always A Bull Market Somewhere!

How big has the global sell-off that began last summer been? Simply huge. Record numbers of stocks have traded hands on exchanges in Chicago, London, New York and Frankfurt, according to Bloomberg. But don't get too long the exchanges yet. Fees are down, and many investors may simply be exiting the market altogether. The news out of Davos isn't pretty.
"It's been a good outcome for us in the short term, but we certainly have our concerns,'' NASDAQ CEO Robert Greifeld told Bloomberg from Gnomeland. "We recognize that longer term, if we have economic issues, the trading volume will tend to go down. Our clients are all very concerned.''
Replace if with when (or, perhaps even with "now that") in that quote and you'll understand why even the exchanges aren't popping champagne corks over the recent volume spike.

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