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Tim Sykes—Find Him Under ‘RichAssJew’ On MySpace—Says We Should Consider Ourselves Lucky He Closed His Fund, Otherwise We Never Would Have Heard About Him*, And What A Pity That Would’ve Been

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Later: More Sykes Hate Mail. Don’t act like you’re not excited.
*His reasoning re: Tim Sykes not being a household name two years ago is that his fund was too small to get press on it its own and SEC rules prevented him from acting like the media whore we know and love today.
Update: Tim contacted me to elaborate on the above:
CilantroFP (12:02:04 PM): thanks to all my media now i get interested investors all the time, but now its too late for me
DBBL (12:02:10 PM): yes
CilantroFP (12:02:17 PM): the SEC fucked me
CilantroFP (12:02:27 PM): and now i'm trying to save others from getting fucked
CilantroFP (12:02:28 PM): or raped
CilantroFP (12:02:32 PM): the SEC are rapists
CilantroFP (12:03:00 PM): and everyone's who's been raped by them is too scared to come forward
CilantroFP (12:03:02 PM): i'm not
DBBL (12:03:12 PM): you're a pioneer
CilantroFP (12:03:22 PM): i just don't think rape is ok
CilantroFP (12:03:32 PM): and its gonna continue cuz they're a predator
CilantroFP (12:03:41 PM): they won't change unless the victims unite
CilantroFP (12:03:55 PM): and say "its not our fault"
CilantroFP (12:03:59 PM): "its not our fault"
DBBL (12:04:03 PM): take back the night
CilantroFP (12:04:36 PM): i invite everyone to become part of the solution
CilantroFP (12:04:48 PM): is a place free from financial assualt and abuse
CilantroFP (12:06:08 PM): yeah, don't forget to link to my site!