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Utter Disappointments

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A few weeks ago we reprinted a compilation of Tim Sykes’s hate mail, which he’d forwarded to us completely altruistically besides for the request that we link to his website. There were many gems. Many ad hominem attacks. Many instances of out of the box type insults (my personal favorite: “If I fed you rat poisoning, how long do you think it would take for you to die?”). Then we dared you to do better. None of you did. The latest batch of hate mail is horrible. Flat out sucks. You need to carry your weight, do your duty and push Sykes down—in a strange way, the emails are like the ‘dunk the clown’ stand at the carnival, and you’re to hit the very small target that would register with this idiot and potentially sink his incongruously large ego. There was one message that stood out from the pack in that it sucked slightly less than the rest. It was pithy, and it had a numbered outline differentiating insults. The rest: step up. Those who didn’t email at all: failing grades.

I just saw the latest episode of Wall Street Warriors-- I am not a religious man but I have to say my prayers were answered because you are not it. Thank you for not making us sit through your pathetic excuse for a life. 1. You are a loser. 2. You are a fraud. 3. Your book was horrible. 4. You are ugly.