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Vote Or Die

Speaking of dating, let's revisit PocketChangeNYC's upcoming speed dating event for "Rich Older Women and Hot Young Men (Sugar Mamas and Boy Toys)." Female participants must be over be over 35 and qualify (with documented proof) on at least one of the following financial criteria: $500k+ salary, $4mm+ liquid assets, $4mm+ entrusted assets, $4mm+ divorce settlement, plus pay a $500 event fee. Males are required to provide five headshots to be judged for beauty, be under 35, and pay a $50 event fee. I told you guys/old ladies to get out there and sign up and represent DB. Some of you did. Good work. For those guys not interested in being subsidized by mom or ladies not looking for a hot younger man to smack around because you make the money and that makes you the boss, your loss. But you can still participate from the sidelines. Apparently there's some sort of voting component that lets anyone, even DealBreaker readers, vote for their favorite SM or BT. Each day we'll be looking at few of the candidates. Yesterday you got a peak at towel boy, and we also asked who you wanted to see next, The Horse Whisperer or Claus von Bülow in-training. 55.6 percent voted for Claus but we're feeling giving today SO YOU GET BOTH. THW is 26 and an investment banker at a tiny bulge bracket. Claus is 34, which we're not sure qualifies him as a "boy toy" but whatevs, and an analyst at "a full service investment bank." He's also very good at staring intently at something to the right of the camera, and coordinated enough to hold a beverage while doing so. POINTS.