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Wharton Private Equity Conference: Correspondent Needed

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Tomorrow the Wharton School is holding it’s annual private equity & venture capital conference at the Park Hyatt at the Bellevue in Philadelphia. We’ve got a press pass to the conference but at the last minute our correspondent fell through. So we’re recruiting from our readership. Who wants to go to the conference? We’ll supply you with a press pass, in exchange you supply us with a few hundred words on what happens. If you’ve got a digital camera and can take some snapshots, that’s a huge bonus.
We'd go ourselves but half of our team has been banned by the bartenders union of Philadelphia from ever entering the city unless we're willing to pay off our bar tab and leave some sort of damage deposit for injuries inflicted upon the fixtures. And Bess doesn't do conferences. We need you. Email us at with a brief explanation of why you should be DealBreaker’s correspondent at the conference.