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"What are we gonna do with him, Harry?" "We'll do exactly what he did to us: we're gonna burn his head with a blowtorch" "And smash his face with an iron!" "I like to slap him right in the face with a paint can" "And shove a nail through his foot!"

The New York Post is making a big to do about Jim Cramer losing a $50,000 wager to Eric Bolling, having bet that financial services would be the “hottest sector” of ’07 (Bolling said oil and gold). People who watch Cramer’s show (…) and took his advice lost a bunch of money which the paper think is an OUTRAGE, and a crime worthy of jail time. We pretty much think this falls under the Countrywide Clause (which states that anyone dumb enough to give Angelo “Tanning Bed” Mozillo their money deserves to get screwed) but what the hey, we’ll play along.

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