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Who Would Play Jerome Kerviel in the Movies?

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That’s the question raised yesterday by Deal Journal’s Heidi Moore. Her suggestions:

Tom Cruise - of whom Kerviel’s Paris neighbors say he is a lookalike. But we think Paul Rudd–the romantic love interest from the classic film “Clueless”–wins the resemblance sweepstakes hands-down. Ed Norton, former boyfriend of Francois Pinault’s wife, Salma Hayek, has played men who make things disappear. Patrick Dempsey has the mop and the puppy-dog eyes.

We love this game. At first, the only suggestion the entire DealBreaker Bunker came up with last night was Charlie Sheen. But he already played this role back in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. And we’d want that Sheen anyway, not Charlie from 2 ½ Men. Scratch Sheen, then.
Then a revelation came: Liev Schreiber should play Kreviel. He was brilliant as Richard Roma in the production of Glengarry Glen Ross a few years ago. He’s got what the New Yorker once described as an “uncanny instinct for isolating the frightened, frail, goofy parts” of characters. And when we saw him in Talk Radio he smoked up a storm, which means he can definitely play French.
Who Would Play Jerome Kerviel in the Movies? [DealJournal]
Update: Now the Telegraph is in on the game too.