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Why Didn't the Post Headline Say 'Home Mo' Goes Down?'

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There’s a shocking story in today’s Post about how Countrywide’s Angelo Mozillo said the company would be profitable in the fourth-quarter and—HOMG—it wasn’t. An investor in Georgia is “a little bit disappointed” that he lost $3,200 and a lot of people are just plain hurt that they were taken for a ride (in AM’s red Iroc, whose plates read: ‘mohazard’). The shocking part is that the paper is supposedly surprised that Mystic Tan man would lie about the mortgage lender’s outlook, even though it’s been established for some time that Ang. would, in his own words, “screw you for a nickel, or a used tanning bed and some UV goggles.” We’d expect this sort of bright-eyed innocence from Andrew Ross Sorkin or Don Klarney but the Post? You guys are supposed to be better—and more versed in jabroni—than that. Oh well. You know we can’t stay mad at you for too long. Not when you’re turning out graphics like that.
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