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Write-Offs: 01.29.08

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$$$ This is by far our favorite thing of the day:
$$$ Barry Ritholtz says farewell to Ben Stein.
$$$ Jerome Kerviel: French National hero?
$$$ Anyone care to venture a guess how early Rudy drops out of the race and endorses McCain?
$$$Mentors and Strategies [MM]
$$$ Here's the 74 billion question: Was the Fed's decision to cut rates last week the indirect result of Kerviel's unauthorized $74 billion in trading positions, which SocGen was furiously unwinding on MLK day? Bonus round: has the realization that it was one bank's unwinding made a deep Fed cut less likely tomorrow?
$$$ The question is, why wasn't Charlie Gasparino quoted in, or at least consulted for, this story? [thestreet .com]
$$$SocGen: C’est Le Takeover Time? [Deal Journal]