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A Quiet Night In The Biggest Living Room In NYC

Blackstone badboy Steve Schwarzman is still planning a big let down for his Valentine's Day birthday party. Last year's bash rang the bell at the top of the "golden era" of the private equity deal frenzy. It featured giant portraits of Steve hanging in the Park Avenue Armory and Rod Stewart's crooning, giving new meaning to "over the top." It's said to have cost at least $3 million.
This year Schwarzman is apparently planning on celebrating with a quiet party at home with his family. Fortunately "at home with his family" means spending the night in one of New York's most lavish and expensive apartments in one of the city's toniest apartment buildings with a woman five years his junior who has some quite entertaining skills. The guy has the biggest living room in New York City.
Over at the New York Post, the boys are asking for better suggestion on how Schwarzman should spend his 61st birthday. Twenty eight percent of readers suggest buying a dinner at Tad's Steak House. But another 29% suggest just buying Tad's Steak House altogether. (To take the poll, click here and scroll down. The poll is on the lower right._