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Barely Bulge Bracket Bankers Bitten in the Bonus by BoA*

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From the e-mail bag:

"...equity sales received 20% of their expected commissions for 4q07,
everyone super-pissed and polishing CVs. Also, people with guarantees who were laid off received only $5k due to an out clause in the employment contracts."

*Apparently a gaggle of conspiracy theorists take pains to label Bank of America "BoA" (rather than B of A) because of the reptilian connotation associated with the former. It seems there is even an official policy on the proper acronymizing of the winding, carnivorous, cold-blooded financial institution. I guess certain higher-ups at the Bank absolutely fly off the handle if you provoke them this way. Since we are endlessly amused by the idea that the senior management can be distracted from returning to profitability this way, won't you join us in adding "BoA" to your iPhone auto-correct for "B of A" and "Bank of America"? (Right after you join us in shorting their stock.) K? K.