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Blog Roll Update: Send In Your Nominations

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We receive a pretty consistent stream of requests from bloggers that we add their blog to our blog roll. Readers often write in suggesting their favorite blogs be added. Our response over the past year has been to concede that our blogroll is terribly out of date--it hasn't been changed since we set it up two years ago--and to promise to take a look at the blog and consider adding it when we finally get around to updating the thing. And for two years that day never came.
But now that day is here. As part of our rollout of new features, we're going to add a new and improved blogroll. So if you've got a favorite blog that you think should be added, please write to us. Or leave a comment below. If you're a blogger and you think DealBreaker readers would love your site, please get in touch. We're really doing it this time, and we want it to be the most comprehensive listing of great business and finance blogs around. Send your emails to Tips@DealBreaker with the subject line "Blogroll." Thanks!