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Cavuto Would Be So Into It

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Now for something unrelated (though in my mind everything connects). The Guardian ran an item today that wondered aloud, "Can Rupert Murdoch's nascent Fox Business network get any less classy?" and proceeded to mention two previous DealBreaker posts ("Art Cock, Sans Smock" and "Hot Sluts Are The One Thing Fox Business Can Do Right And They Can’t Even Do That") in what appeared to be the G's effort to say "no." While we appreciate the link love, we have to say that A. We don't think FBN is class-less (apologies if we've given that impression) and B. Trying to prove that FBN is a whorehouse is like trying to nail down that J. Cayne smokes dope-- wasn't it obvious anyway? Plus, thing of it is and this relates back to point A., I think Fox's problem is that it's trying to be TOO classy. No need to gussy up a whorehouse. First off (and I don't really have time for this but I'll shoot off a few quick ideas and then it's up to whoever's running that place to implement), we can't help but thinking the station needs a new name. No more "FBN." From here on out, it's Randy Rupert's Chicken Ranch. There should be an orgy going on in the background of "Happy Hour" at all times, like in Caligula, and next week, Cody needs to have sex with a horse. I would also strongly encourage a Cavuto segment called "Business Bukkake." And wouldn't a recurring feature with "Business For Breakfast" guests called "Who Would You Do" (they pick among Wall Street leaders, dead or alive) just make sense?
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