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Delusional And Destitute HF Manager Throws Huge Party In His Honor

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Former* hedge fund manager John Devaney, pictured here with the yacht he had to sell several months back when United Capital Markets lost a boatload (heh) of money, threw a lavish party at the Venetian in Vegas this week for a bunch of finance guys in town for the 5th annual conference of the American Securitization Forum. No expense was spared, and JD even managed to get the Blue Man Group to perform, which was no easy feat, considering Tobias Fünke’s jam-packed schedule. Now I know what you’re thinking—isn’t it sort of crazy for a guy who had to not only sell his yacht but his helicopter, waterfront mansion in Miami and ski lodge in Aspen, as well, to spend the last of his life’s savings feting himself for being a huge loser**? Yeah, it’s kind of nuts. But it’s also indicative of what Devaney has become, which is Tim Sykes.

“As a trader, if you make money for too many years you lose sight of risk unless you get sucker- punched. In a funny way I want to thank the market for dealing me a direct hit."

We almost expect him to add, “Which you can read about in my self-published book, An American Hedge Fund," and then go into an apoplectic rant about how the SEC “raped” him and DealBreaker readers are plotting, so far unsuccessfully, to kill him.
We appreciate the fact that Robert Rodriquez, chief expecutive of First Pacific Advisors, was on hand to knock some sense into Devaney (and others, but mostly just Devaney), telling the crowd, “In my 38 years this has been the worst capital destruction and the worst rating decline in history. All of you should be ashamed of yourself,” we just fear it’s too late.
Creators of Credit Crisis Revel in Las Vegas [NYT]
*I know it’s not exactly accurate but it just feels so right.
** Professionally speaking of course, though you have to wonder what someone whose favorite activity is to pose in front his toys is like in his personal life.