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Dobbs vs Blankfein

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Alright so it would appear we jumped the gun a bit earlier re: Dobbs vs Blankfein. Dobbs didn’t actually say he wanted to rough Blankfein up but he did indeed invite the Little Fella to step into the ring, challenging the CEO to “say it to my face, not to my back, Partner” (we’re in the Old West now). He also called Blankfein a “moron” and a “hot shot,” which we’re pretty sure he meant in the derogatory sense. Then he held up his fists in a threatening manner (if you’re threatened by middle aged men who probably have Type II diabetes) and said “Seriously. Come on down. Open invitation.” So, actually, we maintain that he does want a physical fight. Judge for yourself after the jump, and if you see LB today, pass it on that Dobbs wants to rearrange his face. He'll come around eventually.