Everything Cool At Third Point


We often stay up nights wondering if our billionaire fundy friends are secretly hemorrhaging money, seconds away from being forced to shutter it up and call it a day. So it's nice when we can, for instance, check Third Point off the list. Founder Dan Loeb finally closed on his $45 million, 10,674 square foot penthouse at 15 Central Park West, paid for in cash. We take that to mean things are fine, for now. Joy! We'll sleep a little better tonight, except for that nagging feeling that Pirate Capital's Jolly Roger is headed into a shit storm, a sense we get not from any sort of P&L intel, per se, but because sources tell us Tom Hudson is three months behind with rent on his mausoleum.*
15 CPW ALERT! Loeb's $45 M. 'Panorama' [New York Observer]
*The "powers" that be around here want me to tell you that I'm just kidding about the delinquent payments. We're sure Tom has all his affairs in order.