Gary Coleman’s Marriage And What It Means For You

Original:—the Parade Magazine of money sites—responded to yesterday’s question re: what’s the business angle of Arnold, 4’8 settling down and finally losing his virginity to Shannon Price, 5’7, who sees him as 10’0, except when he’s throwing shit at her?
Turns out there is none, though M-Street goes on for five paragraphs about the issues that can arise when there are disparities in pay between a husband and a wife, the importance of joint checking, some stuff about paying utilities and ...who are we kidding? We can't believe they actually took up the challenge. A for effort, even if the task was impossible. Maybe we should make a regular thing of this: DealBreaker challenging to write about the most ridiculous news story of the week.
This made me feel slightly better, and if that doesn’t work for you, there’s something else after the jump.
Gary Coleman Secretly Tied the Knot [mainstreet .com]

Gary Coleman Secretly Tied the Knot [mainstreet .com]