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Goldman Sachs To The Bottom 5: You Are The Weakest Link. Goodbye.

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We’ve gotten to the bottom of the rumors we were following up on this morning about the rumored layoffs at Goldman Sachs. It turns out our skepticism was justified. There have not been across the board cuts at Goldman, and certainly not the type of layoffs we’ve seen at places like Citigroup and Bank of America.
But people are weeping into their keyboards, and a spat of “this is my last day at the firm” emails have been flying through 85 Broad Street today. This is the result of Goldman’s recently completed annual review process in which the people who come out in the bottom 5% are given a stern talking to and often leave the firm. Those in the dead pool have just been given notice—thus the resulting heartbreak, tears, rage and strangely dispassionate emails.



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