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Huge Congrats, Ben Bernanke

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Not only did the Beard of Understanding land some prime modeling gigs on the success of his Times spread, but he's reached the penultimate step toward being named Most Popular girl in school (all that's left to do is blow the editor-in-chief of the year book, who tallies up senior superlative ballots). A new CNBC survey of "Wall Street professionals" shows a waning faith in the economy at large but a waxing faith in he who would sooner say the 'r' word than engage in that or any other hair removal process. Thirty-nine "money managers, investment strategists, and professional economists" gave Ben a "B" for his work this month, up from January's "B-." It would've been an "A-" but Charlie Gasparino's mechanic said he was "less than impressed" with the Chairman's work, and failed his Harvard ass.
Fed Chairman Doing Better, But the US Economy Isn't [CNBC]