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If Maria Bartiromo Speaks And No One Listens, Does She Make Any Sound?

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Apparently the money honey is like the anti-EF Hutton. When she speaks, people space out.

As he passed through Grand Central Terminal last month, Dr. David Berman, a commuter from Westport, Conn., usually perked up when he heard the voice of Maria Bartiromo, the CNBC anchor, echoing through the main hall over the public announcement system.
“Her voice resonates so nicely,” Dr. Berman recalled last week as he polished off a coffee in the terminal’s food court. Pressed to recall what she had to say, however, he came up blank: “Is it — let’s see — something to do with not leaving packages behind?” He heard her name and CNBC, but by the time the message rolled around, he had “moved on to something else,” he said.

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