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It's DVR Time: Warren Buffett Tongue Lashing On Cinemax (Tongue Supplied by Wilfred Brimley?)

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"The One Percent," a documentary about people who are richer than not ninety-six, not ninety-seven, not ninety-eight but ninety-nine percent of the world (I went to college) premiers Thursday on Cinemax and though filmmaker Jamie Johnson couldn't secure a cameo with Warren Buffett, he does include a dramatic reading of the scathing letter the old guy sent to granddaughter Nicole Buffett after she appeared in JJ's freshman effort, "Born Rich." It's the familial falling out we wrote of a while back, wherein the WB told Trixie she would not be receiving any of his money upon his death. It's unclear if Buffett's exclusion of the girl Carney once referred to as "Nikki Sweetsmiles" from the will was an original intent sort of thing (in the note the W says that he never saw the adopted Nicole as a grandchild) and he was just putting it in writing or if it was her appearance in a documentary about how hard it is to be young and loaded, which doesn't really jive with Buffett's M.O., that pushed him over the edge. Now, we'll finally maybe get some answers, though what I'm most looking forward to is seeing who they got to do the voiceover-Morgan Freeman or Wilfred Brimley (the former has the experience, the latter just feel so right).
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