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Job of The Week: Help Prevent Another AIG-Style Blowup!

Today we thought we’d give you something extra special to start the week—namely a new job. We usually do this at the end of the week but why not deliver a bonus job offering as a way of getting over those Monday blues. So we spent part of the afternoon combing through our Career Center in search of the most interesting jobs. There are dozens to choose from, all categorized according to specialization. But one special one has been selected as our Job of The Week.
This morning AIG announced that its accountants had informed them that the losses from credit default swaps were three times worse than they had previously assessed. Now everyone on Wall Street is wondering whether a new round of loss declarations might be on the way as accountants drill down into the CDS positions of various banks and insurers.
Only you can stop this from happening again. A New York based financial firm is looking for someone with experience analyzing CDO and CDS transactions. Your role will be to analyze the structural risks associated with CDO and CDS derivative transactions and to help both internal and external clients understand the underlying risks.
You’ve got to have brains and the right papers to get this one. Applicants should have a PhD in a quantitative field, strong financial econometrics skills, and experience working with mathematical modeling and valuation. The candidates will need 5+ years of relevant structured finance experience, a passion for analyzing complex derivative transactions and strong speaking and writing skills.
With great power comes great responsibility. Don’t shirk your job as a CDS superhero!