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Just Wondering

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Who'll be the first to follow in Russia's Staff Spread footsteps? We've heard rumors that senior executives at Merrill think it would be a great way to boost profits, but there's the problem of getting it by Thain, who doesn't much care for such things. Goldman's GSIP, Global Alpha and GEO could probably get the green light since they've freed up the time for shoots what with not being busy executing profitable trades. And not to be discounted is a desktop calendar of SAC Capital's (male) Little Steves, which wouldn't be that hard to slap together in a hurry, considering Big Steve already has negatives on them sprawled out on bearskin rug in the top drawer of his nightstand. Anyway. Give us your best guest. (In related news, half of Bear is set to appear, under the art direction of CEO emeritus James Cayne, in Swank, which is an adult magazine, if you're pretending not to know.)