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Layoffs Watch '08: Rebukes of (Mo') Hazard

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A former Countrywide employee informs us that Capital Market layoffs began this morning, with a 30-35 percent reduction in CMBS and 10 percent on the RMBS sales/trading desk. Packages were predictably weak (approximately 3 months on average with bonus allocations from 2007 ranging from 40-60 percent of the prior year, plus one free pass to the Hollywood Tans of their choice), but surveyed to be "better than ML and CS" (and, one hopes, BoA). He didn't make mention of the larger issues-- specifically, being burdened with the task of finding a new employer who furnishes the office with tanning beds instead of desks, and generally, how it'll feel to no longer bask in the reflected glow of the big guy, but we'll check back in a few days, when the shock's worn off, and reality's set in. And by reality setting in, we mean the recognition that each and everyone one of them played a small part in the historic effort of rooking millions of homeowners and investors -- but the spoonful of sugar is that many deserved it. Good luck with your conscience. And the melonoma.