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My Two Cents On Those Who Choose Not To Pay Taxes

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The IRS says Nicolas Cage owes $3.3 million that he tried to write off as personal expenses (including meals, gifts, limos, costs associated with his Gulfstream 1159A, and, hilariously, "security needs"). Can't say we didn't see this coming. When career choices like "National Treasure" and the sequel to "National Treasure" mean the freebees don't come to you, you get out there and you get the freebees yourself. The only question is, why go to the trouble of having to BS your way through tax paperwork when you could straight up just steal whatever you deem rightfully yours, a tactic I would think Cage would be all for (like Lon Varney, he fancies himself a badass, 'cept Lon Varney's actually had the gumption to get out there and do it, on several occasions). Anyway, next time. For now we think someone (Universal, The Weinstein Company, whatever) should make a movie with all tax evaders. Cage. Snipes. The rotting corpse of Lee Marvin. It's how they pay their debt to society. A gay remake of "Steel Magnolias." The RCOLM (rotting corpse of Lee Marvin) could be Olympia Dukakis. Loeb could finance. Marin could review. I'd pay $12 to see that. As would all of you.
Remake Of Con Air? [Forbes via Guardian]


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