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Non-Trivial Pursuits

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I legitimately have nothing to say today. No matter; excelsior is my motto. Something is going on, pertaining to balls—you’re all getting shorn after closing bell. No more curly Qs on our watch. Kidding. I think. The Times reports that less of you are playing golf. Something about the game being too time consuming. Balderdash. How do you expect to ever become the CEO of some bank and lose the place billions and billions of dollars without golf? Jacking off on the job playing Text Twist ain't going to do it. Nor will building towers of cards. So…get on out there a-sap. It's a slippery slope and whatnot. (If you’re worried about missing my next post because you can’t bring electronics on the green, I’ll give you a preview of what’s to come: Rachael Ray hand-job tutorial.)
More Americans Are Giving Up Golf [NYT]


Former Piedmont Driving Club Bartender: Jacket And Tie Were Required, Pants Optional

Reporter: When you read this letter, did it surprise you? Fred Blackburn, Former PDC Bartender: Not at all. I laughed, actually. Reporter: So this behavior is standard? Blackburn: Yeah...I remember seeing...a man's private parts...not in the shower area. Reporter: So he's in the bar and he's exposing himself? Blackburn: Yeah, pretty much.