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(One Of) You Asked For It

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Some of you have expressed distaste for the new look of things around here. “I don’t like the grey font.” “I don’t like my content on the left side.” “I don’t like having to sign in to write something [Ed. Note: You don’t.]” “I don’t like this.” “I don’t like that.” “I don’t like the italics, I may set up a competing site [Ed. Note: Do it, I fucking dare you].” “I don’t like that there aren’t any Carney Crotch shots.” “Gayest website ever after this redesign.”
One of you bet (yourself) that we probably didn’t have the “cojones” to make a poll asking who likes the new format. I can’t speak for Carney, but you, Guest at 9:02AM, bet wrong about me. Though the results will be absolutely meaningless and not get us to consider even for a second changing it back (it’s so cute that some of you thought it might), I offer you, after the jump, your mother fucking poll. I hope you enjoy it, as least as much as you enjoy the new look of

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