Please Say Norbit II, Please Say Norbit II


Not content to sit idle while their peers at Citadel and Stark Investments lose millions of dollars by backing movies like “Evan Almighty” and “Poseidon,” Elliot Associates has gotten some of that, agreeing to provide at least $1 billion to co-finance 75% of Universal Pictures’ films over the next four years, with Relativity Capital. Relativity is the private equity firm which has gotten some great press lately for convincing defenseless hedge funds to put their green in paper bags and light it on fire via 12-terrible-flicks-at-a-time package deals. Elliot is the firm that, earlier this week, accused Cedar Hill of espionage. Do we smell a craptastic spy film summer 2009, sure to make just as much as "Blond Ambition," if not a dollar more? Methinks yes.
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Relativity, Elliott Hammer Out Movie Deal [FINalternatives]